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BuddsBuddy Magic Heat Pack 1pc Pack - Green

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Specially designed using Double Lock Technology The Magic Heat Pack comes in comfortable sizes for children. Created using FDA approved technology, the pack is effective in reducing pains & healing bruises.

Some injuries require speeding up of blood flow for faster healing. The increased circulation delivers more oxygen and nutrients to sore, fatigued and injured muscles. This accelerates the healing process. The heat pack is useful for such urgencies. It is also useful in localizing and clearing up infections.

Special care is taken while making the Pack so that it is convenient to use and stays leakproof. It is clinically proven and safe for sensitive skin.


The Heat Packs ensure natural and timely soothing of owies.

Use: Children do not have immunity as young adults and are more prone to becoming ill. It is necessary that their ailments are given immediate care. The Heat pack is effective in improving blood circulation, muscle cramps, clogged duct & bruises. In case of cold fever, it is useful for warming up hands of children.

100% safe: Children also get allergies through skin. Taking care of skin along with providing care for fever is important. The packs are comfortable for the tender and sensitive skin of children and comply with the international safety standards.

Leakproof: Many products in the market are not useful when it comes to prolonged usage and repeated usage. The Heat Packs by Budds Buddy come with double lock technology. The packing is so done as to ensure that the packs are perfectly leakproof and do not cause any trouble due to leakage while using. Even after heating, the packs do retain their leakproof property and remain intact.

Natural soothing: Soothing of illnesses of children should be as natural as possible so that there are no side effects of the treatment. The Heat Pack helps improve blood circulation, clogged duct, muscle cramps and bruises naturally. It can be used to warm up hands and body of children in case of cold.

Reusable: The Packs can be heated by using hot water. These are microwave safe (heated up to 10-15 seconds). The pack should be wrapped in a cloth before putting in water for boiling for better results. It needs to be boiled till all the crystals are clear.

Easy to use: This Pack can be activated by twisting the coin inside the Gel Pack. This feature is helpful especially while traveling with children. Instant aid can be obtained and the child gets soothing care.

Kid-friendly design: The design is based on thorough research by experts from the concerned fields. The sizes are chosen with the children in mind. This ensures the comfort and faster healing of ailments.


• Natural Soothing

• 100% Safe

• Leakproof

• Reusable (Heating or Cooling)

• Non toxic

• Friendly designs


Budds Buddy is a trusted name in Baby Care. Our strength lies in the support of our Team and the trust of our Customers.

Our products are a result of defined purpose of utility, thoughtful innovation, thorough research, environmental consciousness and devotion to creating products that are safe, effective, accessible and sustainable.

Special care is taken while making the products and quality standards are strictly followed.

The designs are kid-friendly and functional. The products are non-toxic, dermatologically tested and approved by FDA & CE. The FDA & CE approved products are a guarantee that the customer has the best of the products that have passed international standards of healthcare and medicine.


• Made using FDA approved technology

• Complies with CE standards

• Research based development

• Clinically evaluated

• Use of highest quality materials

• 100% safe for babies and children

• Attractive & colourful designs

• Attention to details

• Cost effective

Additional Information

Package Dimension 13.5*9.5*2.5
Product Dimension 13*9*1
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