The 3 Essential Steps to Potty Training

As every parent can attest, potting training can be a process. From helping your child know when to “go” to what to do after they’ve “gone” and everything in between, independent toileting isn’t easy when you’re first starting out. Things may go fairly smoothly for some yet be a little bumpy for others, or be a combination of ups and downs. That’s why Kandoo is here with an assist. We’ve compiled a series of tips and tools to help you and your child master the potty training process.

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Potty Training Guide

Learn how Diddit became a Potty Hero with this how-to Potty Training Guide for your little superhero. Includes a fun story to help get your child excited about using the potty. It's free, so just click the green button to download and print the PDF guide.

Bathroom Time Chart

Print the chart in color or in black & white. Write your child’s name on the top of the chart. Tape the chart to your bathroom wall at the child’s level and have a pencil or crayon nearby. Every time your child completes the four steps of successful bathroom time, have them fill in the corresponding circle. Print off more charts as you need them. Monitor your child’s progress every day and continually encourage him!

Kandoo Door Hanger

This helpful tool reminds your child to complete the four steps of successful bathroom time before leaving the bathroom. Print the door hanger in color or in black & white. Cut it out and hang it on the bathroom doorknob. For more durability, you can self-laminate it.

"I Did It" Certificate

Kids love to be rewarded. Once your child has mastered bathroom time, you can give her this fun certificate to help her stay motivated with personal hygiene. Download the certificate. Print it in color or black & white. Write your child’s name and sign it for her. Congratulations! You have helped your child achieve success.

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These potty training hacks have proved to be successful! We know the potty training process can be a daunting and scary tasks for parents and kids alike. We’re here to help through the process with helpful tips along the way