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You've definitely got the childcare experience, so why not make it work for you? Come and join us to become a Buddy Mom. Buddy Mom is a platform for mothers who have gained priceless experience of motherhood. The knowledge and wisdom from a mother will help other moms make a decision about the products and services that are available to make parenting easy. You just need to be a mother who will review the varied range of baby products. Something mothers just love to do.

If you want to be a content mom, write in to-

Who is a "BUDDY mom"?

A Buddy mom is quite obviously a happy mom! :)) In other words a Buddy mom is someone who wants to help other mothers in selecting products on by sharing her opinion of the products that she has used and reviewed. If you visualise yourself as a Buddy mom then you would love writing and be happy to share your opinion with fellow moms. You like to be heard, and are happy to debate to defend your point of view. Most importantly you strongly believe that other moms will benefit from your experience and expertise.She is someone who has penchant for writing, reviewing and is opinionated Mother of a child less than 8 years preferably. Since BuddsBuddy caters to the need of children between 0-7 years it would great to have mothers to children of that age.

What is Buddy mom about?

Buddy Mom is about mothers who will talk about everything related to baby products and parenting.

How will I be receiving products?

BuddsBuddy will ship products at your registered address.

Which products will I receive for reviews?

Products will be generally baby products, caring products, and essentially the products that are a fit for your child's age. All those products that you didn't think you will need but realised you couldn't do without them.

How long or short the review should be?

  • Review should be detailed. It should give good insight about the product, features and quality of the product.

Will I be paid to write the reviews?

Not in cash but may be in terms of products , and the gratitude of helping other moms out there looking for guidance.

Do I need to be a mom necessarily to be a content Mom?

Yes. Itís all about Moms telling other Moms

Do I need to send back the products after review?

No.Unless you don't like them!:)

Where will the content get published?

It will be published on buddsbuddy's blog, social media and also on the products shipped to customers. And wherever we think it will help a mom in someway.