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Buddsbuddy Soothing Eye Mask - Green

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Children are these days exposed to a lot of dirt, pollution and electronic devices. These cause puffiness and dark circles around eyes. There are many factors adding to these.

Prolonged exposure and neglect to these problems can lead to fatigue and allergies in children since a tender age.

The Soothing Eye Mask by Budds Buddy is a beautifully designed, kid-friendly product for soothing and relief of children. Children also learn to give timely attention to minor problems and can avoid future damages.

This Eye Mask is a soothing product made using FDA approved technology. It is easy to carry and convenient to use & store.


This is a wonder product from Budds Buddy that helps soothe and relax delicate eyes.

Use: This Eye Mask is extremely effective in treating problems and discomforts related to the eyes. It helps reduce puffiness, is effective in soothing dark circles & wrinkles. It provides relief from strain & tension. The eyes get relaxed and any probably danger is diminished. It also helps relive fatigue & allergies.

100% safe: Clinically proven safe and non toxic, it does not damage the tender skin of children. It is safe to use again and again and remains gentle on the skin. This is a clinically proven product.

Travel friendly: It easy to carry. It can be stored in small bags or pushes and carried while travelling. It is a great solution while travelling and in urgencies.

Soothing: The instant cooling effect of the mask soothes the eyes and relaxes them. The eyes become fresh after the use and all the strain is removed naturally.

Leakproof: The Mask is made of the best material and is leakproof. It does not create a mess and is convenient. It locks properly and ensures correct fitting.

Easy to Use: It is easy to use & store. It can be used hot or cold. It can be refrigerated for the cold requirement and can be put in hot water for the hot application. Either way, it remains effective in healing and can be conveniently worn by children.

Kid-friendly design: Specially designed to ensure the comfort and convenience of children, this mask is as comfortable to wear as is looks good.


• 100% Safe

• Soothing

• Leakproof

• Clinically Proven

• Travel Friendly

• Friendly design


Budds Buddy is a trusted name in Baby Care. Our strength lies in the support of our Team and the trust of our Customers.

Our products are a result of defined purpose of utility, thoughtful innovation, thorough research, environmental consciousness and devotion to creating products that are safe, effective, accessible and sustainable.

Special care is taken while making the products and quality standards are strictly followed. The designs are kid-friendly and functional. The products are non-toxic, dermatologically tested and approved by FDA & CE. The FDA & CE approved products are a guarantee that the customer has the best of the products that have passed international standards of healthcare and medicine.


• Made using FDA approved technology

• Complies with CE standards

• Research based development

• Clinically evaluated

• Use of highest quality materials

• 100% safe for babies and children

• Attractive & colourful designs

• Attention to details

• Cost effective

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