Soothing Eye Mask for Kids, Red

Soothing Eye Mask for Kids, Red

Adhesive Bandages  for Kids, 30 Pcs - Yellow

Adhesive Bandages for Kids, 30 Pcs - Yellow

Soothing Eye Mask for Kids, Red

The Cooling Eye Mask is a great product for your baby to heal the eyes after they get tired. Your baby plays whole day, but during their sleep time, eyes need to have some special care. With Buddsbuddy soothing eye mask, you can easily provide your baby a nice sleep.
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Featuring Points of BuddsBuddy Soothing Eye Mask

Your baby plays whole day, their eyes must need rest and proper healing during the night time. Using Cooling eye masks are always helpful in providing relief to the eyes. And with Buddsbuddy Soothing Eye Mask, you can have the additional benefits including the gel-filled eye packing and dual functionality.

➤ Reduces Puffiness - The most important advantage you'll get by using this mask is a reduced eye puffiness. Due to longer unsleepy hours, the eyes may feel little swelled. The mask will be helpful in its reduction.
➤ Relaxes eyes - It helps to relax the hard-working eyes of your baby.
➤ Provides relieve - It helps to provide relief from a high fever as well. It can be done by placing the mask on the forehead.
➤ Controls Allergies - The mask soothes the eyes and helps to relieve the fatigue and allergies.
➤ Dual use - You can use it either as a hot or cold pack as per your baby's requirement.
➤ How to prepare - For cool eye mask, put in the fridge for 2 hours. And for hot eye mask, put in hot water for 10 minutes.
➤ Safety norms - The product is 100% soft for babies to use.
➤ Easily usable - The product is absolutely comfortable and easy to use.
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