Silicone Nipple Puller with case, Blue

Silicone Nipple Puller with case, Blue

Silicone Nipple Puller with case, Blue

There can be cases when Moms have flat nipples. But to feed the baby it requires to have the nipples stepped out front the rest of the breast. Hence for this, BuddsBuddy presents nipple puller, which is a handy product for pulling the nipple out in the most gentle way possible.
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Featuring Points of BuddsBuddy Silicone Nipple Puller

Mommies face a lot of body changes during pregnancy. One of them is the inverted/flat shape of the nipples. To pull the nipple back in their shape, BuddsBuddy comes up with silicone nipple puller. This product will help you to adjust the nipples of your breasts in the appropriate shape as your baby could hold the grip properly while feeding.

➤ Helps in drawing out the nipples easily.
➤ It's lightweight, hence easy and convenient to use.
➤ Made using high-quality silicone and polypropylene.
➤ Portable, BPA free product.
➤ Completely gentle on breasts skin.
➤ Opens the mammary glands by massaging the breasts.
➤ Comes with a protective case to store after use

How to Use Silicone Nipple Puller
➤ Put the shield on the nipples and gently squeeze the bulb.
➤ Do not compress the bulb to avoid over suction strength.
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