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BuddsBuddy Kids Toothbrush - Orange

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We, at Budds Buddy, have designed a Kids Oral Care packages to promote healthy oral care practice since childhood. Amazing looking products makes the brushing experience exciting and children look forward to this activity without complaining.

It is important to inculcate good habits in children from a tender age. With a view of instilling healthy habits of oral care, our packages are a great way to start. Each item is chosen with care and precision. Special attention is given to designing and details so the brushing activity is a fun beginning of the day.

The products are good in quality and it looks. Each item is clinically tested and approved.

No items contain any harmful chemicals. Our aim is to spread happy and healthy smiles.


The packs of Kids Oral Care have various options in colors and design.

Kids oral care: Healthy oral care begins at home. There are toothbrushes, tongue cleaners and so on. It turns the boring activity of brushing into a fun activity and children happily look forward to it. .

Use: These are packages of healthy oral care. Toothbrush and paste for cleaning teeth and gums, tongue cleaner for a gentle scraping of the tongue to avoid odor, etc. These products are must for a daily oral regimen full of healthy options. .

Gentle toothbrush: The toothbrush is made with soft bristles for brushing. It helps in gentle brushing and removal of food particles from teeth. The silicone guard helps in protecting gums. The gums do not come in direct contact with the bristles due to the guard and remain soft and healthy. .

Chloride free toothpaste: Chloride causes a lot of problems in oral health of small children. It is not a good step to expose them to chloride containing products from a tender age. The toothpaste is chloride free and made with ingredients that are 100% safe for children. .

Tongue cleaner: Soft longer cleaner with a fun design is made of soft rubber material that is safe and clinically tested. This helps remove plaque and germs from the tongue and helps retain fresh breath. .

Easy to Use: The packages contain products chosen with utmost care and detailing. These are easy to use by not only the parents and caregivers but also but the children. .

Kid-friendly design: The Packs come with items having fun, colourful & attractive designs and in kid-friendly sizes. This keeps the children happy and the start of their day is funfilled and merry. .


• 100% Safe.

• Attractive & Colourful Designs.

• Clinically Proven.

• No Harmful Chemicals.

• Toothbrush with Soft Bristles & Silicone Guard.

• Chloride Free Toothpaste.

• Soft Tongue Cleaner.


Budds Buddy is a trusted name in Baby Care. Our strength lies in the support of our Team and the trust of our Customers. .

Our products are a result of defined purpose of utility, thoughtful innovation, thorough research, environmental consciousness and devotion to creating products that are safe, effective, accessible and sustainable. .

Special care is taken while making the products and quality standards are strictly followed. .

The designs are kid-friendly and functional. The products are non-toxic, dermatologically tested and approved by FDA & CE. The FDA & CE approved products are a guarantee that the customer has the best of the products that have passed international standards of healthcare and medicine. .


• Made using FDA approved technology.

• Complies with CE standards.

• Research based development.

• Clinically evaluated.

• Use of highest quality materials.

• 100% safe for babies and children.

• Attractive & colourful designs.

• Attention to details.

• Cost effective.

Additional Information

Package Dimension 23*4*2
Product Dimension 16*2*1
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