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BuddsBuddy First Aid Kit for Kids-39Pcs Pack,Pingaroo(Pink)

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First Aid is a vital element of childcare. It is necessary to always be equipped with a good first aid kit. With a view to provide immediate help in emergencies, our aid kits are designed with care and detailing.

The Kit is a 39-piece kit that includes everything from a sanitiser to a thermometer to deal with urgent requirements before one gets medical help. The kits are useful for children and their parents & caregivers to take care of them.

The packs can be refilled as and when required. The Kit is available in various colours and designs. The designs are colourful and fun. Special care is taken in choosing the products and a tight hygienic carry box completes the Kit .

Product Description

This is a special Kit for First Aid for children.

Use: It is necessary to keep a Kit handy in case of emergencies related to children. It cannot be predicted as how well and how immediately a child may get medical help. It becomes mandatory to carry a Kit that can be useful in urgent handling of wounds and pains before reaching the doctor.

Kit contents: Budds Buddy First Aid Kit is a complete care first aid. It consists of 39 pieces of products required in first aid. Bandages, Gauze Swabs, Thermometer, Cooling Gel patch, Sanitiser, stickers, etc. These are useful in minor injuries, minor pains that can be immediately addressed before getting medical help.

Hygienic: Hygiene is a factor of great importance in case of any ailment or injury. Not only the products, but also the packaging needs to be hygienic. All the products of this Kit are selected carefully and packed in a tight hygienic carry box.

Travel friendly: When traveling with children, easy and handy Kits are a basic requirement. The Kit is easy to carry anywhere and can be opened and used when where required. It can be stored easily in a medium sized bag.

Refillable: Easy to refill, this Kit can be upgraded whenever required. Any of the products can be replaced when its finished and new item can be put.

100% Safe: Safety is a measure of focus in child care. Safe products and safe packaging are needed. The Kit is clinically tested Packs and safe for children.

Non toxic: Toxic products create prolonged problems in children. They also cause irreparable damages in them. Special care is taken to ensure the products are non toxic.

Easy to Use: The Kit can be conveniently handled by the parents or the caregiver of the children. The products are chosen with the children in mind. This ensures the comfort and faster healing of ailments.

Kid-friendly design: These are designed based on thorough research by experts from the concerned fields. The products are comfortable for tender and sensitive skin of children.

Key Features

• Hygienic

• Travel friendly

• 100% Safe

• Refillable

• Non toxic

• Friendly designs

Brand Information

Budds Buddy is a trusted name in Baby Care. Our strength lies in the support of our Team and the trust of our Customers.

Our products are a result of defined purpose of utility, thoughtful innovation, thorough research, environmental consciousness and devotion to creating products that are safe, effective, accessible and sustainable.

Special care is taken while making the products and quality standards are strictly followed.

The designs are kid-friendly and functional. The products are non-toxic, dermatologically tested and approved by FDA & CE. The FDA & CE approved products are a guarantee that the customer has the best of the products that have passed international standards of healthcare and medicine.


• Made using FDA approved technology

• Complies with CE standards

• Research based development

• Clinically evaluated

• Use of highest quality materials

• 100% safe for babies and children

• Attractive & colourful designs

• Attention to details

• Cost effective

Additional Information

Package Dimension No
Product Dimension 6x4.5x16.5cm
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