Baby Skincare Wet Wipes - 12pc pack, Chocita Design

Baby Skincare Wet Wipes - 12pc pack, Chocita Design

Baby Skincare Wet  Wipes - 100pcs Pack

Baby Skincare Wet Wipes - 100pcs Pack

Baby Skincare Wet Wipes - 12pc pack, Chocita Design

BuddsBuddy Wet wipes are specially designed for baby's sensitive skin. Cost effective absolutely safe and usable, these wipes contain moisturizer and aloe vera mild to give the best user experience to your baby. With different sizes, the wipes will immediately eliminate the dirt out of your baby's skin making it clean.
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BuddsBuddy introduces the best quality wet wipes specially designed for the tender skin of your babies. You can use it to clean your baby’s body. With the convenience of re-sealed and re-opened packages, here are the essential details about the product -

Feature Points of BuddsBuddy Baby Wet Wipes
➤ Vitamin E extract – Vitamin E acts as an anti-oxidant for your baby’s delicate body and protects the skin cells from getting damaged. Regular use of these wipes helps in the nourishment of the baby’s skin.
➤ 100% Natural – The wipes are made from 100% natural fiber and thus is completely free from any chemical effect. We pay special attention to the making of ‘Products with Quality’ and thus no chemical element or additives are added in the wet wipes.
➤ Zero Fragrance – Perfumed products can cause harshness to baby’s delicate skin and even lead to allergies. Our wet wipes are hence a ‘zero fragrance’ product, and therefore we assure the health safety of your child.
➤ Easily usable – The wipes are absolutely easy to use. They are convenient to handle and thus can be used immediately at any time. The light-weighted wipes make it easy to draw more of the dirt out from your baby’s body and leaves a fresh natural skin.
➤ Multiple Use – You can make multiple uses of the wipes. Like, to wipe hands, or any food leftovers, even your baby’s poops also. You can easily put wipes and clean all the area in a perfect manner.
➤ Safety Norm – Our BuddsBuddy Wet Wipes are 100% safe for your child. It is a clinically proven zero fragrance baby skin care product. Made from the high-quality soft material, it does the work without giving any harmful results. "
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