Adhesive Bandages  for Kids, 30 Pcs-Green

Adhesive Bandages for Kids, 30 Pcs-Green

Adhesive Bandages for Kids, 30 Pcs-Green

Adhesive bandages for kids, babies can have sudden injuries in their hands and other parts. For instant healing and wound protection, use Buddsbuddy bandages. Use of highest quality materials, the bandages are 100% safe for children. You will also have the choices through different colors and cartoons. gentle to baby's soft skin, these bandages are the best choice as a first aid wound cover.
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Bandages are always in the first place to use whenever you have a cut on your hands or legs. Similarly, in case your child got a cut or an injury, you need a really good bandage to immediately sort the things out.
BuddsBuddy offers specially designed adhesive bandages for children for the immediate healing of the injury if they get. Our bandage is a hurt-free pad and doesn’t stick to the wound for gentle removal.

Feature Points of Adhesive Bandages for Kids
➤ Prevents Infection – The bandage prevents the minor injury from getting contaminated due to dirt or small particles to enter it. Cases of infection are likely to occur when the cuts are kept open, also delay healing. The use of these wounds assures complete healing of the injury
➤ Effective in healing – The bandage is highly effective in healing wounds, cuts, scabs etc. As children, their tender skin is not strong as compared to adults, thus have lower injury resistance. BuddsBuddy helps to heal the injury immediately after when it is applied to the affected area.
➤ 3 Step process – Our bandage cleans, treats and protect the wounds and thus help to avoid infection and contamination of it. It is the best choice to heal the cuts on an immediate basis.
➤ Latex-free product – BuddsBuddy adhesive bandages are 100% latex free and thus are softer on the tender skin of your baby. This also marks the long-term use of the bandages.
➤ Chemical free – The bandages do not contain any chemicals as they could have harsh effects on the baby’s skin. They are easy to use and apply the first aids in case of emergency.
➤ Covered but breathable – Though the bandage is covered for the safety from dirt, it comes with breathable pores to maintain an adequate amount of airflow to heal the wound naturally. It is completely waterproof and keeps your wounds dry.
➤ Colorful designs – Bandages comes in colorful kids-friendly designs which are attractive and fashionable. Your kids will forget the pain due to the injury with a single sight of these bandages.
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