Congratulations on becoming a new parent.

Wellcome to a journey filled with lots of laughter, big hugs and sweet kisses.

As you're taking up this enjoyable journey called Parenthood, you'll need to keep a few important things in mind. We will help you to take care of your baby right from the time you welcome them home till about the time you're they lick up the second birthday cake.

The Baby Care

A newborn's skin is ten times thinner than an adult's and is easily prone to rashes and infections, one of the main culprit being wetness.

Baby's Comfort & Style

Daily need accessories play an important role in baby’s comfort and styling. Check out for the most gentle and worthy products for baby use.

Baby’s day out

Enrich your baby’s day out with the safest baby carrying products, checkout BuddsBuddy products for a better baby assistance.

Baby Feeding

Start feeding your baby in the best possible way ever, now turn on with the best baby feeding products and ensure your baby’s safety.

Entertainment zone

Keep your baby busy all day long with some of the finest toys which are absolutely safe for playing.

  • Baby toysbest toys collection for your baby’s perfect entertainment.
  • Baby rattles - for ensuring a safe playing time for your baby.

Medical Care

Have instance medical assistance for the babies and family in case they need it. BuddsBuddy brings a special range of the products for medical care.

  • First Aid kit- for immediate medical treatment for sudden injuries, bleeding or swelling.
  • Medicine dropper- to pour the correct amount of medicine down the baby’s mouth.
  • Forehead Thermometer - for immediately knowing the body temperature in case the baby has a fever.
  • Adhesive Bandages - to smoothly cover up the wound and keep it safe from infections.
  • Medical spoon - Gives perfect medicinal dose to your baby.

Trimming & Maintenance

BuddsBuddy brings wide range of elegant babycare products to perfectly take care of your baby’s sensitive organs and maintain them easily and safely.

Other Essentials include -

So do have a look and get the best products for your baby’s daily schedule. Don’t forget to grab your favorite ones!